Good News Made Clear Topics

Our Study Series is designed to provide a safe place where you can join with others like you who want to overcome the fear, uncertainty, or simply the lack of “know-how” that keeps you from sharing the good news of eternal salvation.

Session 1: Our Stories

Research shows that while 2/3s of Christians do not know any tools for sharing the Good News, more than half of Christians want to share, and more than 60 percent of unbelievers who claim no religious affiliation are open to hearing what we believe! This first session allows you to meet the others in your group, including your Good News Champion, and share individual faith-journey stories before you begin learning tools to share the Good News.

Session 2: Common Ground

In this session, you and your fellow group members explore what is required to become a Christian, the foundation on which we build the Good News tools you will learn to share Good News in your world. We also continue to reflect on people in your world who are not Christians. Remember, sharing the Good News strengthens your faith!

Session 3: The Body

Examine your unique personality and the personalities of others around you. Discover how to value another’s personality when you share. Consider how each part of the “Body of Christ” is called to share Good News. And learn our first Good News sharing tool.

Sessions 4, 5, and 6

In each of these sessions, you have the opportunity to debrief your sharing experiences and encourage one another within the group. You will learn simple tools for starting a conversation and correct, clear, and consistent new tools for sharing the Good News of eternal life in concise, cleaver, and compelling ways.

Session 7: Other Ways

In this session, you debrief the last Good News sharing tool, identify the tool that best resonates with you, and are introduced to some additional tools that might be helpful to you in unusual circumstances.

Session 8: Graduation

Celebrate with your fellow learners. Hear stories of overcoming difficulties when sharing the Good News. Rejoice with the Angels in heaven as you hear stories of new believers who have trusted Christ for Eternal Salvation over the past seven sessions of Good News Made Clear!

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